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About Hasenthaler

Mission: Plastic!

Our philosophy encompasses the following four elements, that are closely interlinked with one another:

Family business

There is a common saying that one generation is needed to set up a business, a second is needed to make it successful and a third is needed to lose it all again. Fortunately, we have never set great store by what common sayings tell us. That is perhaps the reason why we are still successful even in our fourth generation.

Once upon a time in Hasenthal

As early as 1933, Kurt and Lina Fuchs founded an insulating press shop in Hasenthal. After the expropriation in 1972, the company premises served the VEB Technisches Glas Ilmenau as a storage facility before Gerd and Monika Albrecht breathed new life into the "Fuchsbau" in 1991. In 2005, Kerstin Merkert joined her parents' business. Since 2012 she has been the sole shareholder of Hasenthaler Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH.

Small is beautiful

Almost everyone would agree with the almost mystical assertion that a company must grow on an ongoing basis. During the entire 20th century, the motto ran - big is good! Then, after all, you can make important speeches, meet kings and queens, smoke cigars and drink cognac. In recent years, however, the speed of change has risen dramatically as the cutthroat nature of the competitive environment increasingly reduces the timeframe in which action and reaction must occur. Only direct decision-making channels and efficient communication processes enable the desired competitive edge to be achieved such that even elephants endeavour to master the rapidly changing future with the necessary fleetness of foot. But even the fastest elephant in the race still remains an elephant.

We try smarter

“Better” or “cheaper“ or “faster”? We at Hasenthaler go our own way. To ensure that speed is not confused with haste, a clear guiding principle has to be defined from the very outset as the basis of our work - quality before quantity! Superfluous activities are thus eliminated automatically - unnecessary costs can be avoided. Working faster does not therefore mean having to put in more effort in order to get the wrong things done in half the time. What is needed instead is a smarter approach to work.