What we do.


Jack of all trades, master of none - anyone doing everything masters nothing. We cannot do everything. But what we can do, we do properly. For us, a really simple rule applies - gaining a competitive edge shouldn’t hurt. After all, the only thing that hurts is having too many materials and not enough knowledge. We process thermoplastics using single- and two-component injection moulding methods up to approx. 450 grams, both fully automatically and semi- automatically. Assembly? Our pleasure! Conditioning? No problem! Toolmaking & project management? But of course!

Strengths and Opportunities

Moving Forward

For the automotive industry we produce interior parts as well as technical parts for intake manifolds, shock absorbers, oil pumps, filter elements or sealings.


In the tool industry we produce single-component and multi-component parts for drilling machines, professional high-pressure cleaners, chainsaws and manual tools such as housings, handles, buttons, switchers, covers, plugs, sleeves, gears and others.


Elements of Hasenthaler